30 Day Closet Cleanse Challenge

30 Day Closet Cleanse Challenge

Starting your day embarking on your own personal treasure hunt for that one top that makes you feel good, only to find it at the bottom of the pile all wrinkled is not the most ideal situation.


We all like to be challenged, well at least I know I do in life, but the last place I want to be challenged is in my wardrobe. Of course we all have our days, but getting dressed should be a fun process, the time where you can put things together and be confident in what you created. How do you view your closet? Consider it as your own personal boutique as you have invested time and money in every piece!


In September we are all getting back to something, whether it be school, work, and/or our regular scheduled routine post vacation. It is time for a fresh new start, just like the new year, set a real intention! We want to encourage you not to forget about yourself. We know that time is of the essence and finding it to re-organize your own life is not only daunting but just as difficult as saying 'no' to a chocolate covered strawberry. It’s good for you and sweet all at the same time. So, instead we challenge you to take max 10- 20 minutes out of your day for 30 days to start organizing, purging, cleaning, and resetting your closet, the parts of your living space that you use every single day. For incentive, our Dress for Success Event is back and even better. The clothes that you purge from your closet at the end of the 30 days, that are of professional attire, bring to the store on Saturday, October 4 to receive dollars off your purchase! It feels so good to be supporting an organization that directly impacts women's confidence and life all with the help of a great outfit. If you want to know more about DFS check out their website and see what the girls are up to!


This is how it will work. Every day until the event Saturday, October 4 we will post tasks, tips or challenges that will get you closer to your end goal. On your own time you may complete each task. The items to donate to DFS will be noted in DAY 1. Then on the day of the event, come to the store, bring the clothes that you wish to donate and be rewarded with dollars off your purchase. You will go home feeling refreshed, warm hearted, and confident, this we promise you!


So without further adieu.... Do YOU accept this challenge?