Day 13: The Black Pant

Day 13: The Black Pant

Your wardrobe should be built on a foundation just like a house. There are certain pieces in your closet that help shape your style just like the perfect white blouse. A staple black pant is also one of those pieces that can be dressed up and down. We are seeing a lot of the sporty black pant worn with a heel or even with your favourite sneaker.

bailey 44 vegan


The black pant provides structure in your wardrobe just like the front door does to your home. You can easily use it everyday of the week, and opens your style to the main level of your closet. You are probably thinking how can I wear a pair of black pants on a Sunday afternoon.


Well, like this. A skinny black pant with an oversized sweater just like Erica Wark shows on her blog today, featuring our Aprill 77 Marky black denim. Check out the look here. 


We also love  her leather pant look! We would do it in our Bailey 44 Vegan Leather Pants. 


So today, go through your closet and see if you have the casual black pant that you can dress up and down. Do you have that black pant that can be paired with any blazer? Do you have that black pants that you can put on Monday morning, feel comfortable yet professional to make that day easier on you? Do you have that black pant that you could wear to an interview and look sharp? Black can be worn in denim as well. This is a great way to have a sleek, casual and dressy look all in one.


The black pants that are worn out just get rid of them, the ones that are not flattering and don't fit your right anymore, donate them to Dress for Success and keep the rest. If you don't have a solid pair here are a few pictures of what we got in the shop that we think are the game changers.

Be selective! Quality over Quantity!

The Game Changers: not pictured are the DL 1961- Florence in Riker, April 77 Marky, JBrand Kassidy Zipper Cargo.

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