Day 16: Drawers

Day 16: Drawers

Organizing your drawers can easily take your level of organization from 0 to 100. It is in my opinion the longest task of the challenge and if done thoroughly solely needs to be maintained seasonally rather than monthly. This is why we left this challenge for a Saturday. A cloudy one at that!


Start by taking everything out and dump it on your bed, floor or clear surface. Use the pile strategy from Day 1. Pay attention to especially the items that need cleaning and are not worth keeping. You can only have so many bad t-shirts for that day that you need a bad t-shirt. Keep your 3 favourites! I am sure you will forget about their existence and it is holding valuable space in your drawers for something better. Which reminds me of the words I wrote earlier on in the year when we did our first Dress for Success Event. Healing was the post and you can read it here.


OK! So here is the thing about setting your drawers to maintain its structure even when you just throw something in it! Separate each drawer by function, then within each drawer designate a pile by type and then if you are anything like me and go the 100%, organize by colour and then if you are anything like my sister Angie, you will be breaking out that ironing board and iron each piece before folding and putting away. Yup, she takes it there, to a full 115%! It's just like that infomercial, about the rotisserie chicken. 




This means, you will have a drawer for casual like jogging pants, leggings, shorts and casual pants. One for pyjamas, intimates, small little tanks. Another drawer for your cotton tanks, t-shirts and long sleeves, etc. Do what works for you! By setting it by function you will use that drawer as such and not mix the different fabrics and maintenance will be easier. If you want to learn how to fold your t-shirts and long sleeve you can refer to Day 9: How to fold Sweaters. The key is to smooth out each fold and where you fold from the collar! Got it? Ok, great!


Have the best weekend, hope it is as productive as it is relaxing!