Day 18: Hangers

Day 18: Hangers

Now that we have sorted out our closet and have filtered the keepers from the givers, next on the list is your hanger situation. Having the same type is one of the last steps of making your closet look and function effortlessly.


Key: Invest in good hangers.


Assess your situation.


If you struggle with lack of space in your closet, thinner hangers is the first place that will save space and also keep your closets order maintained. As much as wooden hangers look great, some can take up a lot of space in your closet and for those of you who want/need more space it is better to opt for the velvet hangers or thin wooden hangers. Personally, I have switched over to the velvet hangers since they save space, have a grip and can hold heavier clothes too. I have moved all my wooden hangers into the hall closets.


Keep it consistent.


Hangers can be purchased in bulk and while you are at it switch over more than one closet. Count how many items you have in your closet and note how many pant hangers vs blouse hangers are needed. Take a tally and go to your nearest Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Homesense, Home Outfitters or Target. All of these stores have great deals on hangers and is worth your investment.


Treat your clothing as though as it is your own personal storefront. We can't say that enough. There is no need to have something in your home that does not inspire you everyday. It is not only holding up physical space, but also energy. You can change the energy in your room and you can equally change the energy in your life!