Day 20: Finishing Touches

Day 20: Finishing Touches

Now that you have colour blocked, changed hangers, purged, and stored it is time to put the finishing touches. To me finishing touches is organizing the organized!

First, take a step back at your closet and see how far you've come. Great Job!

Secondly, at this point you want to make sure that what is easily accessible are the items that you use weekly, even daily. So if you wear primarily dresses, make sure those come first!

To give your closet a cleaner look we have gotten you to colour block and keep commodities together (blouses together, sweaters together). Now, we want yor to balance it out by taking all of your heavy sweaters and jackets and putting them on the lower bar and grouping them together. Keeping the long sleeve blouse together, then the short sleeve and then the sleeveless from small to long. So that your eye can read your closet as though you are reading a book. It is easier on the eye and the brain!

You have ten days left ladies! If you haven't started it is the perfect time to start! Remember the day to donate and reward yourself is on Saturday, October 6 at the shop from 10 am to 6pm!

Keep it up you are almost there!