Day 21: Jewelry

Day 21: Jewelry

Jewels are truly a girl's best friend. It is the easiest thing to buy when you are having an off day and can easily make an outfit if you are struggling. This is why it is so easy for us to have so much of it and not use most of it!


So let's tackle this area together.


Step 1: Separate your jewelry. Make four piles of  'everyday', 'sentimental', 'costume', 'miscellaneous'.


Step 2: From those piles make one pile to donate and one to clean (that is another day, another post)


Step 3: If you already have a designated spot on a dresser, table or shelf for your jewelry give it a good dusting before we start putting back anything.


Step 4: Organize. Make sure that your everyday jewelry is easy accessible and the first you see. Also, any good jewelry make sure you keep it in a good spot so that it is treated as such. We can get really lazy for this but the day you want to know where it is, its the last place you think!



Thanks to the DIY trend these days there are SO many ways to display your jewelry. Like we have said before, this is supposed to be fun, and the things you invest your money in even if it was 10$ for a necklace obviously gave you joy and happiness and sparked something inside of you. So why not display it in a creative and inspiring way?