Day 22: Shoes

Day 22: Shoes

It's shoe day! I know we have already talked about boots, but shoes in a woman's closet is a whole other animal. It seems as though we would rather keep a pair that we have worn out until the next season 'just in case' we can put them through another year of wear and tear.


This time you will have to bite the bullet and make an executive decision. It is better to have less and of quality then more that are below average. That is why we say less is more. Invest in good shoes. Your feet will thank you later and so will your outfits. We will share what we think are the must have boots for the season to add to your closet in a later post so keep your eyes peeled!


I have created a checklist so that it would be easier for you to decide to toss or not.


Tip: Replacing your high caps are an inexpensive and quick fix to your everyday heels!

Hope this flow chart helps. This could easily be used with clothes as well. So if you haven't started the challenge yet, make this weekend about organizing your life!

Proud of you ladies!