Day 25: Habits

A common conversation that has been happening in the shop lately is our shopping habits. The fact that either you have too much black in your closet or you don't have enough. That we are creatures of habit and we tend to buy the same things that we already have in our closet. Does this sound familiar?

Today we just want you to simply reflect and the idea is to cleanse your habits in shopping. As we grow into ourselves we become more knowledgable on what works for us and what doesn't. If we don't start buying items that change our closet then we will stay stagnant and be forced back into our comfort zone and not continue to grow within our own style. This goes hand in hand with grocery shopping as well. The phrase 'you are what you eat' comes to mind.

If you want to take chances and evolve your style, it all starts with what you buy and how you buy. We will be making this challenge a little more interesting with a lot more useful tips at the tale end of it, so keep on reading and keep on challenging yourself!