Day 26: Power Suit

Day 26: Power Suit

Although the power suit does not actually give you authority during the course of the day, we believe there is certain presence of it needed in your closet. I don't necessarily mean a full on matching suit but I do mean a perfectly fitting blazer, blouse and pant combo. We have discussed the white blouse, the black pant and now it's all about the blazer.


As women have acquired more and more executive positions, having a power suit is another classic piece in your closet. You can wear it to work, a formal function or casually. They can act as separates and work together which in your closet can go a long way.


Note in your wardrobe what you have to work with. Do you have that perfectly fitting blazer that you could wear on an important day at the office or even to an interview? Also, note the fit and the year you purchased your suit, look at the colour if it has faded. Is it time to replace?


We have some key pieces at the shop for the season. Tiger of Sweden is a brand that does great tailoring in their blazers and we happen to have a few styles. Here is one of my favourites. It is black, angled, and two tone fabrics that can be dressed up or down and be worn with anything, anywhere.




Dress for Success is the perfect organization to donate your blazers and 'power suits' since they are fitting women for interviews themselves! If it doesn't fit you correctly anymore { look at your shoulders} it is the perfect chance to donate and replace.

Remember our event day is this Saturday! You can drop off your donations and reward yourself all at the same time!