Day 27: Consign

Day 27: Consign

So ladies, as we are fast approaching the donation reward day (this Saturday) we wanted you to go through your give away piles and see what you can consign.

Nowadays there are a ton of options for consignment, but the best ones are the ones that come to you!

Valamode is a great company who specialize in 'matchmaking'! It is such an innovative way for consumers to leave their search up to who knows best. So in this case you may have a sought after handbag that you don't use anymore that is on the hit list for Dia. She loves what she does and is a pleasure to work with. Check out her website and see what its all about and if your goods can be easily consigned with her!

Second online consignment is Once is Not Enough. Nadine consigns a wider range of merchandise from men's to tweens! So if you have gotten into your daughters closet this is the place for you! Check out her website and step by step process (click here).

Consignment is a great way to get money for what you have already enjoyed and pass on the love to someone else! So look at your give away pile and see what is good to consign. Designer bags you can still get a good return on them. If you don't use it anymore and you don't think that it will be something you will want in 5 years this is a great opportunity to consign and reinvest it back into your wardrobe!