Day 28: Amanda's Closet Cleanse


I know what you are thinking... " I thought she would have more clothes then that!"


Well.. you're right! My sister moved out about a year ago and I am still in recovery. Also, I am in what some would say a transition from being a young woman to a woman. This means the days of me wearing size 24 jeans are over, and as I am approaching my last year in my twenties my taste has completed shifted just like my hips into womanhood.


As you can see in the video I didn't have to do much change in the allocation of my 'types' of clothing other than moving my pants and skirts in the middle and hiding my dresses in the back. I have also changed all my delicate pieces with the felt hangers and all of the heavy materials with my wooden. Still consistent but more functional.


What is great about re-setting your closet to your lifestyle in the first place is that the integrity of it keeps maintained. I still want my denim and cozy hoodies to be front and centre as those are used on a daily basis.


Hope you have enjoyed the changes a clean room can make to your mind and day as much as we have.


See you at the shop on Saturday!