Day 5: The Hall Closet

Day 5: The Hall Closet

Today we are tackling the hall closet! (insert da da daaaa) You know, that space behind closed doors that you have been avoiding to put back in order! This space is used to help you get out the door faster and easier, not just a dumping zone which tends to happen to the best of us. It is the closet that everyone uses and the first thing you walk into and leave everyday.


To make it not so overwhelming lets start by getting everything that does not belong in the closet and return it to its original home. You should however, keep the following in season items in your hall closet. Also, you can use the tips on Day 2 to help you organize where things should go in your hall closet.


1. Coats: Keep only the ones that you use and will use as the weather gets colder. If you don't use them anymore then donate it or store it away.


2. Shoes: Collecting shoes is so easy to do especially after the summer. Now is the time for you to go through your shoes and see which ones that you actually wear, which ones you need to say goodbye to and replace.  Use boxes, cubbies, shelves or a hanging organizer to sort shoes. You seriously can't go wrong with a quick trip to Ikea or even Homesense for these basic organizers if you don't have them already.


Tip: Use rolled up magazines to put them in your tall boots to keep shape!


3. Scarves + Accessories: Use bins, baskets or a washable paper bag! We love to use the Uashmama paper bags for organizing. They wash like fabric, feel like leather and fold like paper. These are perfect for the soon to come wet mitts, hats and scarves season! We are just getting a fresh order in the shop in various sizes and colours to make this process a lot funner. Yes, funner is not a word but I am a linguist so, basically I can make up words!



We have started a Pinterest Board for this challenge to help with the visual element. We will be posting ideas, tips that are talked about here on the blog!


Hope you ladies are still going strong on Day 5!