Day 8: How to Fold Your Denim

Day 8: How to Fold Your Denim

Today you will learn how to fold your denim in a neat, straight pile that doesn't look like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Step #1:DSC_1045 Lay flat.

The key is to smooth out the worn wrinkles in the denim with every fold.

Step #2:DSC_1046 Fold in half.

Note: The zipper seam corner is to the right and the straight side is to the left!

Step #3:DSC_1054 Fold in half again.

Note: where the hem hits the top of the pocket. This is the key to a flat pile ( From around 10 years of folding denim piles)

Step #4:DSC_1050 Fold in half again.

Step #5: DSC_1053 Turn over and fluff!

(Because I have a miner case of OCD, I pull the corner edges to make it straight)

And then you get a pile like this,


Oh, and my miner case of OCD kicks in here too, small to large, light to dark!

This is such a quick way to clean up your closet and actually see your denim.

Happy Folding!