Realization No.2

I've come to a realization of what we do. We literally predict what you want to wear 6 months from now. All the time, everyday, every month, and every year. Sounds daunting doesn't it? Or does it sound like an absolute dream?


I honestly would say it is equal parts, daunting and a dream. There is so much choice out there that we literally edit and edit again. What is the dream, is that we are always dealing with the most beautiful clothing and/or accessories, brands, people while we are doing the 'daunting' part.


We always say we are here for the customers and we also always say we have the BEST customers. We have had such a time getting to know the women that have entered our door, time and time again.


What you want to wear when you have to go out to a friends place in the freezing cold, how you want to elevate your wardrobe in a smart and thoughtful way, how you want to not have to think all the time and just want to look effortlessly put together. We are inspired by you, your lifestyle, your thoughts, your needs and your likes.


As we enter into a second year, I feel like we still have so much to do and achieve, and so many more women to meet and learn from. What inspires me is the potential. The potential I see in Vincent and the potential I see in Angie and I, and the potential I see for our customers and this city.


I'll just stick to that, since I know that won't ever change. We are all built with endless potential.


We just have to stay curious.