Dress for Success Donation Drive at Vincent Boutique in Ottawa

We are cleaning our closets for Dress for Success!

Our Drop & Shop Dress for Success Donation Drive helps women in our community get back on their feet and into the workforce. It is so important to us and especially after the last few years.

We are going to challenge you to pick a maximum of 6 items that are clean, career focused, Spring coats, boots, dresses, pants and any sizes 18+. These are the items that they are in most need of. If you would like to make a monetary donation instead or in lieu of a clothing donation please visit our donation page.

We have really started to re-think what work-wear looks like and most of us do not need as much as we once did. This is a chance to go through your work attire and donate items that don't serve you anymore but would be perfect for someone who is heading out to an interview. Think of an outerwear piece that you have moved on from, or a pair of boots that don't fit anymore and you haven’t worn or even a work appropriate sweater.
We will be collecting clothing donations for 3 days April 13-15 by 45 minute appointments only. That way we can manage the flow of drop offs to make sure everyone is safe and we have ample enough time to clean in between. Note: You do not need an appointment if you are just dropping off clothes. We will be giving a discount code for those who do not have time/ want to shop in store so that they can use it online only.

So how do you decide what to donate and how should it be donated?


How to Donate

Your donations can be folded in a bag. All items should be separated by commodity within each bag. For example, if you are donating jewellery and shoes, both need to be in their separate bag. 

Get Back

This is your opportunity to receive 15% off your purchase on donation day. We are booking 45 min shopping appointments for this special event.

To take advantage of our time together you can email us with a wish list the day before your appointment and we can have it set aside for you in the change room on donation day, we will try to put any available sizes aside for your appointment.

If you would prefer to shop online, we will give you a discount code on the day of your donation drop off.
We know many of you look forward to this event every season and we thank you so much for your generosity and participation. We wanted to make sure we still support the women in our community as much as we can!


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