A Love Story Told in a Button- Down Shirt

A Love Story Told in a Button- Down Shirt

Frank and Eileen's love story began in Ireland and continues to live on by their grand daughter Audrey who is the founder and designer of these perfect fitting blouses. A strictly button-down shirt brand for men and women that are made in sunny California with materials woven in Italy. The shirts are a key piece for any wardrobe and are the easiest to care for as no ironing is required. Ellen Degeneres is a huge fan of these shirts as she wears them on the regular. We encourage you to stop into the shop and try one on. The feature that makes these shirts so flattering is the v-neck collar that opens up the neck line. They can be worn as a open cardigan, fully buttoned up, sleeves rolled up or even as an underpinning layering piece! So versatile, perfect for those chilly summer nights and mornings.

Prices range from $175-$215 and are 100% linen or 100% cotton.

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