A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty is one of those brands that is very striking. Everything about it makes you want to look and touch a little longer, which then leads you to want to know more about it. It all started when the creators met in Rome and discovered they both had a love for high-fashion, ethically and traditionally produced goods. Based in New York, their pieces are produced by ancient traditional methods that have been modernized by master craftsmen in nine countries. They seek to rejuvenate these villages that once thrived on their craft. Their socially responsible business model is what internally makes this company so striking, which as a result reflects in their pieces.

How amazing and inspirational is that?

This means, your scarf and jewelry piece has been made to order by a family run village business that would have otherwise been unemployed and even worse not able to produce the kind of art that they gift to this world. Not only do these pieces carry this influence, they are made with 100% cashmeres, 100% silks, and antiqued plated brass handmade jewelry.

Their inspiration changes with every collection which can be followed on their Instagram account by their ‘Daily Inspirations’ and see their story on their Website. This company is a dream to work with and we are so happy to be the only ones in Ottawa bringing their product to your life! As you can see this brand is one of our most influential in the shop. These pieces are truly one-of-a- kind since we carry only one of each style of scarf and  jewelry piece so that each individual can carry the story. Here is a look at the Spring 2014 scarves that we just got in

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