We are all in need of some kind of inner healing. 


How we get that inner healing is not as important as the result we get from it. Naturally, we hold things inside that are keeping us from moving on and being open for new and better opportunities. Closets are the same. We hold onto things that solely bring us comfort due to its habitual presence in our life. Ask yourself “What purpose does it actually serve?” “Does it make you feel better?” “Do you actually use it?” If we look at our life and our closets as one and the same, we can see the similarities. We need to start from the inside out. I am a firm believer in ‘if you don’t like something in your life, change it’. But sometimes we need a little kick start or baby step to get us going.

So, we want to help you! Since spring is just around the corner,  and the true season of resolutions, start in your closet. We are holding a Closet Cleansing event on Wednesday, March 19 for a reward! Click here to RSVP and get updates. Start the process by taking a  look at the things you love, get rid of the things you no longer, release the things that don’t make you feel good, and open space for new and better items.  If you want to take this to another level, consider donating those items to someone who needs it most. Dress for Success Ottawa is the perfect organization. They help disadvantaged women by providing work attire and build up their professional tools to succeed in the workforce. By donating to Dress for Success, you have just released something negative and turned it into positive. Imagine transferring this philosophy to your day-to-day life – oh the wonders you could accomplish! What I like to do before a season is make room for it. I like to purge what is not needed while keeping around 3-5 empty hangers. This represents for me my goal and budget; the amount of pieces I can add to my wardrobe for the season.


For incentive, we will be awarding a discount to every item you donate to Dress for Success that night to your purchase.  This means if you donate 1-2 items that will equal 10% off your purchase. 3-5 items will get you 15% your entire purchase and 6-10 items will act as 20% off your purchase. doing for the event is every item donated to Dress for Success will act towards points to act as a discount to be used with your purchase that night.


Choose wisely.


Don't Forget!


Event Date: Wednesday, March 19 2014
Where: Vincent 444 Preston Street
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm