How Much Black is too Much?

We hear it all the time. Black has become beyond just a staple in your closet but your primary, secondary and tertiary shade. I get it, it's a comfort thing. Black is never over or under dressed. It makes us feel slim as can be. If it gets dirty you may be able to pass off not washing it for one more use. You don't have to think about it and well if all else fails, wear black because you can never go wrong, it's a classic.


Why can something that sound so right be wrong?


Like everything in life, moderation. If you find yourself wearing all black more than 80% of the time, it can be an obvious indicator that you may very well be in a rut in your wardrobe life if you constantly are attracted to wearing black. I can tell you that wearing black doesn't always lift you up, but it for sure can make you feel good. Fashion is supposed to be fun. If you can't take risks in this part of your life, well, we need to talk. Exploring different colours and/ or patterns can be something that you are missing out on because black makes you feel comfortable. And nothing ever amazing comes from comfort zones.


There are so many key factors that all black can't do. Colour block. Create contrast.Turn a gloomy day into a bright day. Make you look more tanned. All very practical call outs.


This Spring season, you will find gorgeous earthy tones, blush pinks, whites, heather greys. Don't miss out on these, it is a subtle change to your wardrobe. If you have too much black, great! You just created a solid foundation for your wardrobe. You are now able to play and invest in pieces that will be able to transform your look instantly.


I am a firm believer that you need the bare essentials in black. Blazer, t-shirt, pretty silk blouse, jeans, trousers and handbag. Other than those items, I don't see how you can't incorporate some colour or lighter shade if that makes it easier on you into your dressing cycle.


If you do wear all black everything, try and mix up the fabrics and textures. Use layers wisely, making the underpinning tighter with the outer layer looser or vice versa. Create shape by adding a belt, or add colour with jewelry. Have fun with your accessories!