How to Change your Wardrobe

How to Change your Wardrobe

We all get in fashion funks. Even when you work in the industry, it's inevitable. Especially after what feels to have been the longest winter ever we are ready to turn over the winter layers and get into a mindset of warmer weather. But how do you know what you will need when you feel like you almost forgot how to dress for warm days?


The reality is, we are all creatures of habit and we most likely will just add something in our closet that is something similar to what we already have. Or we wear what we know works and continue because its easy.


So, how do we actually change our wardrobe?


Beyond the closet cleanse which we suggest twice a year one in Spring and one in Fall. There is a simple method in changing your wardrobe to work for you. The answer is found when you get dressed in the morning. Let's start there. I want you to tap into your awareness, your habits and your moods. From my perspective what we wear on a daily basis is based on 2 things.


Mood & Lifestyle


I am not someone that can plan ahead of what I am going to wear. This is the main reason why I struggle on those weekend getaways or short trips, I always over pack. Even though I will most likely wear the items that I have on repeat at home.


In order to stop the habit of buying the same things and truly add items that actually change and elevate your wardrobe you need to do two things.


1. Grab a paper and pen or better yet create a note in your phone and title it Wardrobe Game Changers.

2. Be mindful when you are getting dressed in the morning.

Let me elaborate.


The time we get dressed in the morning is where the answer lives. We have conversations with ourselves commenting on ourselves, the items we see and how everything makes us feel. Insert around your period when I can bet we ALL have said " I have NOTHING to wear".


Make a commitment to yourself for one week and be mindful of those comments. Here are a few examples that should trigger you to write a note to self.

- All I would need is a short blazer or a long one to finish this outfit.

- I have way too many black pants.

- The only dressy blouse I have is sleeveless.

- All my t-shirts are stained and have holes.


And if you are reading this and think that you don't know how to put things together and would not know where to start, this is my suggestion for you.


Go to Pinterest, create a mood board of the styles and things you like. It is a great place for you to visually see what you gravitate to. With enough saved pictures you will be able to see a trend in what you like and can start there. You'll notice these pieces will come up more and more. What you will be left with is a list of items that you truly are missing and in fact will change your wardrobe.


That way when you go shopping you will have your trusty list with you and keep these items top of mind so that when you are out you will subconsciously be looking for them.


The new season is here and the shop is filled with perfect transition pieces. Identify your needs and stop in to find those pieces that will change the game in your closet. We are always happy to help find those pieces that are hard to find and that are truly needed.