1. The White Blouse

It never goes out of style and you will most likely find it stained under the arms before you get sick of it. Did you know that the yellow under arm stains are caused by the anti- perspirant deodorants?The chemical that is in them reacts with our perspiration and as a result a yellow stain occurs. We recommend you switching to a natural deodorant since it is a. good for you and b. will not leave your special blouses tired. My favourite brand is Schmidt's since it is baking soda based and have only heard raving reviews about Ottawa's very own Under Carriage. Regardless, you need a white blouse that fits nicely and looks crisp. Our Grayson by Frank and Eileen is the updated version as it is menswear inspired with a shirt tail and looks sharp paired with a layered sweater over top. No need to iron, a good steam is all it needs!


2. Black Pant

We wear black pants so often that they need to be replaced more frequently then anything else. They are go-to for any occasion and this year the leg has been updated. Instead of a skinny pant you can take it in a straight leg and if you want to go ahead with the whole trend you are getting it in a wide leg. We just receive our Tiger of Sweden black pants in a straight ankle length leg. Cotton stretch for your comfort and the added edge with the length.


3. Skirts

Having five pencil skirts in different colours and fabrics won't help you like having a variety of styles. Try and add other styles like a maxi, full skirt, mini skirt or even the midi skirt. If you are saying that those styles don't look good on you, I encourage you to look at what kind of footwear you are pairing with it. Which leads into my next essentials.


4. Footwear

Although we haven't really dipped into the footwear commodity at the shop it is pitvol to your foundation in your closet. If you don't have a good footwear game, your outfits will lose out every single time. Invest in a good pair of ankle boots and even the perfect flat mule. Those are strong trends for the season and trust when I say your footwear really ground each outfits. Shoes aren't just important to Cinderella. We love Poppy Barley's selection this season. They have merged comfort, sustainability and style all in one!


5. The Blouse Cami

We are currently obsessed with Cami NYC 100% silk blouses. They are so versatile and we can hardly keep them in stock! Wear them with your denim, tuck into you skirts, under blazers and chunky oversized sweaters. My favourite take on the cami racer blouse is on top of a tight crew neck tee!


6. Denim

It is no secret that I live in denim. I can since I get to wear what I want at work with the exception of sweat pants, I save those for when i work at home. With workplaces changing their dress code to a more business casual policy dark denim and black denim are key to your wardrobe. We happen to carry DL 1961 denim in Hail which is incredible. The black does not fade and the tencel fibres make it so soft to the touch making it very comfortable to wear all day long. Everyone needs a good pair of jeans that fit them like a glove no matter what your vocation is! Getting the updated unfinished hem or straight ankle length pair will take your style into this season and seasons to come!


7. The Jacket

A perfect blazer or short tailored jacket is a game changer. We can't stress this enough having these foundation pieces in your wardrobe will change your looks with one easy piece. This is where you splurge since you will have it forever and wear it often! Make sure it fits well on the shoulders and under the arms! 


We get new arrivals weekly and we work hard to update our website but if you don't see what you are looking for online send us an email and I'm sure we have something in mind!