I am not Perfect

I don't know about you but as soon as you feel like you have a handle of what is on your plate, someone comes by and puts another spoonful of mashed potatoes on your plate while you are not looking. Yes, I did just use food as a metaphor, maybe it's because Easter just passed or I just love food that much.


I've come to realize that maybe just maybe it will always be overwhelming until we shift our perspective. Something that I have started to learn and a concept that has been on the fore front this month.  Essentially, this is the life we chose and truly, what you are surrounded with is because it is what you chose. Hey, I am not complaining about my life, I am utterly happy but it can be a whirlwind at times. Sometimes all I want to do is have the ability to freeze time. Just like they do in the movies when you have a sidebar conversation with yourself about what is really going on like a third person while everyone in the room is completely still.


I'll let you in on a lesson I have learned this past month about myself. ( Deep Breathe) I am not perfect. And you know what, after this realization, what was so overwhelming isn't anymore because I am on the road to accepting my expectations of imperfection.


Sounds obvious right?


So my reality is this, I may have gotten a cramp running to yoga to make the class on time and dinner may not be perfect because I still need to work off recipes and it wasn't the greatest. But it's done. Done is better than not doing at all.


I feel that as long as I hustle I feel better when I try to do everything in one day.  And along the way, if everything didn't turn out perfectly, that's ok. I hustle and that is what makes me feel alive.


Do what makes you feel alive.


Thankfully we just received these amazing little reminders from GoodHYOUman that will keep me remembering that it is the journey and it's a process.


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