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I don't really believe in New Year resolutions. You end up setting this high expectation for yourself that you may or may not actually be ready to fulfill.  Instead, 'intentions' sounds so much more inviting.


At year end, there is always this sense of reflection that perpetrates inside of us. We think back to the year that just quickly passed us by and give it a tallied score of how many goals we have achieved that we said we would, how much we've travelled, how many great memories we have made and any of those life changing moments, good and bad are noted.


As a goal oriented person, I am always looking ahead. Always looking at what I want to create, do and see. But for the first time the only thing I know for sure in 2015 is the Pantone colour. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Pantone basically has created a standard language for colour that is spoken across all industries so everyone speaks the same colour language. (Marsala is the colour for 2015, FYI)


We are coming off an incredible year both personally and professionally. Entering into a year that has a lot of unknowns are sort of scary for me. So, I have devised a plan, a plan of letting go and going with the flow.


I will instead have the intention to learn more, create more, love more, see more, do more, give more.


Genuinely, that is all you can ask for. This life is bountiful.