Outerwear | The Best Of

I don't have to tell you that finding a winter coat that does not make you look like a marshmallow and/ or The Michelin Man is hard to find. That is why we looked to Aigle to make a functional winter parka with design in mind. For the woman who wants an everyday coat these two are sure to make your life a whole lot lighter.1 Faux Fur is HUGE this season. Tiger of Sweden came out with these coats that are so smart built with the typical vintage clasps that true real fur coats have. It is so luxurious and glamorous on!2

The poncho has come back once again and we fell in love with this navaho pattern by Aigle. It is so versatile and a perfect layering piece for the kind of weather we have been having!

Last but not least, the 2ND Day Capre Coat is simply stunning. The 70's inspired pattern plays with my heart strings and I just picture this coat over a turtle neck, skinny denim and suede bootie with a chunky heel. A sure statement piece!