Promise Me This?

It is just about 15 days into the New Year and it always starts off on a page that is in some sort of way bitter.  Whether it be the cold that got to your inner soul, the bills that showed up at your door from the holidays, the place that you want to be in, but your not, that you wanted to be in last year, at this time, but for some reason, it is still in progress. Can we really change from one year to the next? Or is it that our outer layer can just get thicker as the years pass instead of getting peeled off and renewed.


I started this New Year off on a different foot that I want to share with you.  I have this brilliant creative friend who has this theory.  We don’t achieve our new years resolutions because we are just adding more to our list rather than looking at what stops us from completely our lists in the first place.  So instead of making added goals, we wrote on rice paper all the things and feelings that hold us back, that make us feel like we don’t have a choice in the matter of who we are and what we are here to do. So we took this paper and burned it, entering into 2015 with the intentions to live free from the burdens we bear and essentially stop us from moving forward, from taking those two steps ahead, instead of four steps back.


What comes with this promise to yourself is now ownership, ownership over your decision of who you truly want to be, whether it makes sense to those around you or not.  The only thing that matters is that it makes sense to you. And because these things that continuously hold you back are so apparent in your life, you will quickly realize that you have allowed them to be part of your decision process more than you thought.  That maybe this whole time you were considering the opinions of others more important than the opinions of yourself. And when we accept the things that we can't control we leave room for things we can't even imagine to enter into our life. We get to spend more energy on the things we want instead on the things we don't have.


We are our own worst critic when we look in the mirror.  Before we start improving how we look on the outside, we need to start improving how we feel about ourselves on the inside. And sometimes even the smallest decision we make that is for ourself boosts our confidence.


Take your next decision into the change room. I am not saying on a new article of clothing. I am saying the next time you take yourself into a change room, be kind to yourself and make the choice to acknowledge all the things you love about yourself.


Let's just start there. Promise?