Shop Your Shape Not Your Number

We are seeing it more and more that women have a set size when they shop. It is good to have an overall idea of what size you wear but by holding your size as a determinate value of how in shape you are is inaccurate these days. For one, different brands have different fits and to stick to one size is unrealistic. The mindset that a specific size is associated to your overall health and wellbeing is disheartening. We live in an overly exploited and heavily marketed world the number on your tag is not what should matter.


When we say shop your shape what we mean is feel how the clothes are on your body and how you react to yourself in them. We can tell what works when a customer comes out of the fitting room instantly. You can see it on their face, body language and reaction. Try an opened minded approach and use the parts of yourself that you love the most and focus on that. If you have big hips, use them. A perfect knee length pencil skirt or perfect high waisted skinny would do the trick. Release the idea that you are not the size you used to wear anymore and focus on who you are today.


I don't believe that fashion is a vain world. It is so much more than an exterior appearance. I encourage you to see what you say on the inside rather than on the outside. We need to start looking more inward rather then outward. Listen to the type of talk that goes on.


Are you being kind to yourself?


Maybe it is there that we should start?