It's not everyday that you can say that you are literally pursuing your dreams. Although, it took us just about 15 years to get here.

Angie started in the industry as a makeup artist at Holt Renfrew when she was 20 and with her as my captain, as most older sisters are, I found myself at the age of 17 working with luxury goods. We worked on different floors, and always had a great laugh when customers after all the years that we had been serving them found out we were from the same blood line. Our careers took us to different places, cities and countries which fostered incredible relationships along the way. So I guess you can say we were on the right path all along.

Detours are set in place to shape you, challenges are there to make you stronger, mistakes are made to make you smarter, and for us, your sister is there to do it all together.

I want to keep track from the beginning of our journey and share it with all of you. Starting from scratch is the most exhilarating experience but equally the scariest. We all do it one way or another in our lives. There will be ups and downs, there is something we haven't thought of yet that we probably should have. But hindsight is always 20/20. Fear of the unknown will always be there but that is what will keep us on our toes.

We welcome you to take this journey with us.

The best is yet to be.