The Feeling

The Feeling

What has inspired me for the store is what keeps me going. The idea that I get to literally create the space in which I will be opening the door to everyday is the best part. It is kind of like a new home feeling. Endless possibilities. But in the end the idea in your head that you have had all these years trumps the trends of the season and what’s out there.


All my life I have dreamt of things, clothes, spaces that I have never seen or touched. I think having a family that is so artistic and creative on both sides helps. My sister paints on faces and I paint on canvases. We think in colour. I remember being on the beach in southern Italy, picking at rocks, looking at the scenery and saying, these are the colours I want to live in every day. The steel ocean blue, the earth grey, the blush pink stone, the warm sands, the rusty rocks, the bright yellows and tanned skins. Effortless beauty, inspires creation.


We are bombarded in life with all of these choices. Sometimes so many choices that we just decide to make the decision to not make one. Choosing how the store will look was easy. I mean, its been created in my little head for years. Fortunately, my sister and I have the same vision, weird sister connection I guess. In these days that we are making a ton of decisions, we just always go back to what started it in the first place. That feeling, that colour palette which gives that source of decompression and relaxation. Every decision we make is based on maintaining this idea.


We can't wait to be in that space and share it with you.