Vincent Was Here

Since having a store is somewhat like having a baby- minus the labour part of course; although it does involve the practice of lamaze breathing sometimes. I have decided what any good mother would do if they were having to leave the country for 18 days to embark on a beautiful adventure to Italy (no one ever really had to ask me twice)...


We are taking him with us!


And by him we mean,



If you have visited the shop before you would had noticed this picture hung on the wall as soon as you step foot in the space of a little boy on a chair painting the Mona Lisa. This painting was basically like a shooting star from the heavens telling us to go and open the store now. Not tomorrow, not next year, or when it would be a 'better' time.


When is it ever a really good time anyways to take the risk and start living your dream?



I kept thinking to myself how could I not leave my baby, without leaving my baby but, really leaving my baby. (In very capable hands I might add) So, I thought, why not take you with us on our ever so needed trip which, the main reason is to watch one of our dearest and closest friends get married in none other than the hometown where her beautiful family came from.


Sometimes stepping away and being engulfed in one of your passions can bring you back to your equilibrium and to be quite honest with you, that is what needs to happen. Italy has always been a part of me/us and a source of inspiration my/our whole life so, it could not have come at a better time. 7 months old, mistakes under our belt, successes we have raised glasses to and now it's time for us to get real. And by real, I mean as real as it will be when my first slice of pizza is devoured. As real as a brioche the size of my face, filled with café, nicciola and pistachio gelato is systematically eaten with a small plastic spoon. And yes, I'm only there for the food ;)


#VincentWasHere starts.... NOW!


Disclaimer: the feeling of jealousy, envy and good old hunger may be a result of taking you to Italy with me. But hey, what's that saying; if you can't beat them, join them! Oh and #wheninrome!


xo, AC