Who is Vincent?

Who is Vincent?

It is only right to start our first blog post with the reason for which the shop was created.

We have had this constant desire to be consumed by something that will make a difference and manifest a positive outcome - in more ways than one.

We are two sisters who are night and day.  Although we are different we share an amazing connection; so much so that we have taken both of our talents and life experience to create something that just makes sense. We feed off each other and wanted to create our own environment that not only we would love to be in but an environment in which others would come, decompress, look at beautiful things, and feel that same passion we feel.

You may ask yourself, why Vincent? Who is he?

The name Vincent stands alone as a beautiful sounding name; delicate yet strong and bold. For us, Vincent symbolizes a young boy with a fascinating talent for oil painting that constantly challenged himself in his craft by painting the Mona Lisa at the tender age of 11. This young boy Vincent is our late uncle who passed at the age of 14 leaving behind unfinished artwork and endless potential.

Vincent seeks to represent a timeless energy of creativity and innate talent. With quality luxury brands that are sought after and effortless customer service, Vincent changes the conversation of fashion in Ottawa.

It’s just that simple.