Why So Serious?

This world can be all too consuming sometimes and fashion gives us the platform to have fun on a daily basis, after all clothes are what you live in every day!


But on another hand, it is pretty important in your life. It is a part of your first interview, it is a part of you when you are picking up your kids, it is a part of you when you go out on your anniversary date, it is a part of you when you are travelling, and even relaxing at home. As an industry, fashion can be looked at as 'vain' and 'self-absorbed' rather than it is being used to make your world bright and beautiful and to make you bright and beautiful.


I think we have to stop taking ourselves too seriously. Meaning, the number you wear, the type of shape you are, the type of colour palette you should wear, and the way clothes used to fit you. What if we looked at ourselves with acceptance? What if we tossed the rulebook out the window and all of our pre-conceived notions about ourselves and bodies? Is it then that we would allow ourselves to grow and be more comfortable in our own skin? Is it then when 'shopping' can be taken for what it really is to do, enhance what you already have!


Don’t get me wrong, we change, constantly, our tastes, our bodies, and lifestyle. But I am a firm believer that it is what you feel on the inside that brings you exterior beauty. We don’t  just sell clothes at Vincent, we help women feel comfortable in their own skin, with confidence. Your self worth is more to this than anything.


Just like eating the right foods, it all starts at the grocery store; all the right outfits are complete with the right shopping experience. We understand that not everyone has the innate capabilities to create outfits that will turn heads why waiting for your the bus but we do know that we are a) creatures of habit and b) capable of learning new concepts!


In whatever transition you are in as a woman you will always wear many different 'hats' so we need our clothes to be able to make us confident at work, as a mother, as a wife, as a girlfriend, as yourself.


Go ahead, I dare you, colour outside the lines.